Friday, April 24, 2020

Prospect for Gold - or just sit on the Couch!

Look at the native gold almost dripping off of the milky white quartz - this specimen could easily assay as much as 10 or more ounces/ton. 
Pandemic? - Why sit at home when you can be out in the fresh air (unless you live in California where the governor will arrest you for breathing) searching for treasure? If you knew just a little about gold, prospecting and geology, you could potentially make quite a bit of money, while everyone sits at home being depressed. But where to start? Let's Go Brandon!

My suggestion, start by searching Google Earth for nearby areas with known gold and gemstone mining districts, and then head for the hills. 

All of this gold was found in Douglas Creek in Wyoming by an Arizona
gold prospector.
I wrote some books on where and how to find gold and gemstones - and I even provide GPS and land coordinates to take you right to many gold and gemstone deposits. And yes, I know what I'm talking about, I found one of the largest gold deposits on the planet some years ago with 6 other geologists, and found one of the largest gold deposits in Wyoming, along with dozens of gemstone deposits including some of the largest gems on earth!

Well, what about those guys on Gold Rush? Boy, they know how to find gold! So, how much gold have they found? When our team of geologists found a gold deposit in Alaska some years go, and it is now considered one of the largest in the world! At least 40,000,000 ounces have been drilled at the deposit and there is likely a heck of a lot more in the 5- to 7-mile long gold deposit in the Kuskokwim Mountains.

So, get off the couch and start looking. While you are waiting for the postman to deliver some of my expensive books to your doorstep (it's not my fault, I have the bare minimum prices set for my books and most of the cost is Amazon's, who produces a few of my book on demand and then ships them to you), you can be searching Google Earth and also looking at my blogspots, website and facebook page. 

Other books I published at the Wyoming Geological Survey, are inexpensive, and many of those you can find on-line as pdf downloads (for free) - so it all averages out. 

This book will tell you where all the gold is found
in Wyoming - and I should know because I found
many of the deposits and those I didn't find, I visited
and explored. 

A prospector from North Carolina used this book and
my book on Gemstones to find diamonds in both
Colorado and North Carolina. He sold some of the
diamonds for a few $thosand.

This book, on Amazon, is 377 pages and
gives you GPS coordinates to many gold
deposits and tells you many places to
explore. I even found several deposits that
have drilled resources containing gold
and silver deposits that are currently
worth $millions, some with $hundreds
of millions, and a few with $billions!

Want some gemstones - this book will tell you where to
look in the Wyoming-Colorado-Montana region. 

My first Kindle Book - sorry about the
price. Yes, I increased the
price on this because it has so much
information and took me several years to
research. But the price is nothing
compared to the information.

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